Instructions for Sending Artwork Files

FTP Settings:

Host Server:
User Name: sellco
Password: public
Directory Path: <leave blank>

Some Basic Requirements:

Sellco has set up an FTP server for sending large files to us over the Internet. In order to log into our FTP Server you should have the following:

  • FTP Software (see our recommend software below)
  • Fast Internet Connection
  • Compression Software such as Stuffit or WinZIP (Mac OS X users can use the “File > Create Archive” feature as well which creates a ZIP file)
  • OR if you have Windows XP or Vista see alternative solution below

You can also view our recommended file types for uploading and our troubleshooting section below.

Recommended FTP Software:

Transmit FTP Software Macintosh OS X
We recommend using Trasmit 3.5 FTP software from Panic, Inc. Available for both OS 9 and OS X, you can download the application at or at
BulletProof FTP Software Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
We recommend using BulletProof FTP Client software from BulletProof Software. Available for most flavors of MS Windows, you can download the application at or at They even have a Macintosh client as well.


Move any files you need to send to Sellco into a single folder. Compress the folder using a compression utility such as WinZip or StuffIt. This will compress the files into a single archive which is the best way to send files via FTP.

For Mac OS X users, you can select the file or folder and then select the "File > Create Archive" menu item and this will also create a compressed ZIP file.


Using your FTP application, log into our FTP server using the provided User ID and Password information. NOTE: These screens are from using the Transmit application but you can use any FTP software... they should have similar screens.

This is the basic FTP information needed:

Host Server:
User Name: sellco
Password: public
Directory Path: <leave blank>


Once logged into our FTP site, upload the compressed file archive into the main directory.


Make sure we know the file is there! When done, please send us a short e-mail at or to your Sellco account representative to let us know the file has been uploaded.


If you have a newer version of Microsoft Windows such as XP or greater, you can use their built-in “Connect to Network” option. Follow these instructions:

  1. Double-click the “My Network Places” icon on the desktop.

  2. Double-click the “Add Network Place” icon.

  3. In the “Add Network Place Wizard” dialog box, enter

    in the location field and then click the “Next” button.

  4. Name your connection. This will be saved in the “My Network Places” folder. Then click the “Next” button to connect.

  5. Once connected the FTP server window will be displayed. Because this is a public FTP server, you may or may not see other files.

  6. Drag-and-drop your file or files you are sending to us in the above window once connected.

  7. When done close the FTP Server window to disconnect. To reconnect for future use, you can now double-click the new Sellco connection in the “My Network Places” folder (it will be called whatever you saved it as in Step 4 above).

FTP Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble logging in, please try the following:

  • Double check your username and password.
  • Check if the “Passive Mode” setting in the application preferences – try toggling this option on and off – sometimes you may or may not need this option if you are behind a firewall.
  • If you can log in but you seem to be “stuck” on retrieving a file listing, check to see if you are running a software firewall such as Norton Firewall. Sometimes this can cause a problem and block you from connecting properly. If you are running a software Firewall, try turning it off temporarily and then try to reconnect to our FTP server.

Our Products:

Need to Send Us Artwork?

If you need to send us artwork for you projects, please use our FTP server. Click here for instructions on how to upload your artwork.